November 3, 2008

Over 1500 Views of Our Frankenstein Video!

I uploaded it, using the awesome TubeMogul (all video nerds should sign up!), to 9 or 10 sites. All told, there have been over 1,500 unique views for the first Frankenstein video since I uploaded it early Friday morning!

Yes, I said the first Frankenstein video - I'm going to do a second one, where Frank also finds new love, because I realized we had a lot of unused footage I could use to further the story, plus I came home the other night to find my roommate dressed like a foxy female Frankenstein, and I could not resist.

But not for a little while. I gotta do some actual bill-paying work.


Jerell said...

Your film reminds me of that Ben Stiller Show sketch parodying a Woody Allen film called, Woody Allen's "Bride of Frankenstein".

Elizabeth McQuern said...

Ha! Awesome! Although I was a little disappointed to see them use the same "made for him...literally" joke we did. Hmpf. :)