March 12, 2009

Bristol and Levi Broke Up

What better time, then, to whip out this hilarious Juno/Palin spoof video by my e-friend Jeremy Redleaf? Starring Jeremy and Shelly Stover, written by Jeremy and Aivan Astor, directed by Jeremy.

Jeremy is a Twitter friend with whom, as I found out, I have other friends in common, including Sara Benincasa, a comedian in New York and my sister-via-the-Apiary/Bastion family. Jeremy and Sara did this spoof of The Reader:


Chancelucky said...

Supposedl, the Palin family was telling Levi that his family was "white trash", which I thought was Sarah Palin's constituency. Strange stuff....very sad really.
great parody btw.

Sara Benincasa said...

THANKS DUDE! Levi and Bristol are forever, in my mind.