March 23, 2005

On a Related Note, Who Owns the Moon?

(Besides poets, lovers, dreamers, and astronomers, of course.)

Some people think they own the moon, and therefore can sell parcels of it to individuals, although the 1967 United Nations Outer Space Treaty says otherwise. (Some smartypantses argue that the treaty forbids nations, and not individuals, from owning lunar property - something I will dub the "green cheese" loophole.)

Bold entrepreneurs having been selling deeds to bits of the moon for some time now. I wonder what will happen when buyers realize that several companies have squared off and sold the same pieces to many people.

The Lunar Republic Society, based in New York City, will be happy to sell you some certified, legally authenticated moon property. However, so will the MoonShop, Planetary Investments, The Australian Lunar Realty Company, The Lunar Federation, Inc, and many others.

So if you're serious about owning a piece of the moon, don't be a moron, cover your bases (heh) and buy the same piece from each company. (Unless your very first purchase is written on goatskin. Then you're protected no matter what.)

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