April 10, 2005

Earthquakes in Japanese Art/Lit/Music?

In the event that I actually tell people this blog exists (two months and I haven't passed the link on to anyone) - and readers show up, can someone send me some links about Japanese culture, specific to earthquakes showing up in art, literature, whatever? Yeah, I know I could google, but this is a pretty specific area of interest, and I figure that in addition to internet search engines, and good old text resources, there are probably actual human beings who contain this information, and would enjoy sharing it with me.

This article made me wonder, since Japan experiences about 20% of the world's earthquakes that are 6.0 or higher, that has to take on a subconscious symbolism and show up all over art and culture, right? Phrases, superstitions, the crosshatching of ideas in religion?

It's sort of connected to some ideas I have had about region-specific natural disasters popping up in the literal subconscious, specifically in the dream state. Ask me about Indiana versus Louisiana sometime. Either that, or poke your pinkies against your corneas really hard. It's roughly the same experience.

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