June 14, 2005

Even the Pimps Have That Midwestern Friendliness

Urban nanny on the job here, blogging to report that a recent jaunt with the baby found me at a convenience store, struggling to hold the heavy door open while pushing the stroller inside. Two men exiting the store who were, let's say, colorful looking characters, stepped outside quickly to hold the door politely for me, and make goo-goo faces at the baby.

I'm a recent arrival in the city, of course, and I don't want to make assumptions, but let me just say if Polite Man #1 was not an actual pimp, he was on his way to a costume party hoping to win a $500 prize as "Best Pimp." See, Mom? That wholesome Midwestern friendliness and courtesy transcends state lines on a prairie wind. Even the pimps here are thoughtful and polite.

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