July 19, 2005

The Creepiest Thing I've Seen on the Internet Lately

Photo retouchers will create a perfect, airbrushed, objectified, rather laminated-looking child. Ironically, the site is called "Natural Beauties." There is some scary pageant crap going on there.

Then, there's the accompanying text about the photo:

This Photo Enhancement Includes:

*Expression changed from sad to serious:
*Brows tilted and shaped
*Frown lines around mouth and forehead removed
*Redness in eyes cleared away
*Corners of mouth turned upward
*Stray hairs removed
*Dark circles removed
*Lipstick line corrected
*Lashes added
*Skin blended

Yeah, that's right, they corrected her aesthetic flaws, and then removed her sadness and her frown, and the "redness," i.e. "tears" in her eyes.

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