July 19, 2005

Dog Daze: Gratuitous Cute Puppy Picture

A blog I've seen from time to time posts cute pictures of their dog. This is one of the cutest.

A bit of "Buddy's" biography:

We first saw Buddy when searching Petfinder.com. He was up for adoption at the NY Center for Animal Control and Care, his name was listed as "Yum-Yum".

Buddy was in poor health. he hadn't been fed well. his body shape was strange and his teeth were rotting. he would not eat dog food and he would not eat off a plate (he'd only eat scraps and would push them onto the floor with his nose.)

He had also been badly abused and was extremely defensive (and would attack everything.) we would not look at you and always cast his eyes sadly at the ground.

After a year and a half in our home, Buddy is Mr. Happy Pants! he eats everything (loves a green bean), had some training sessions, is loosing his defensiveness and loves people. he's our little prince and knows it. and he's always lookin for eye contact, now the little guy just won't stop staring at us.

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