July 29, 2005

Jennifer Aniston Will Kick Your Ass

...or her attornies will, anyway. That's what I'm reading into this story. That jerk who was going to sell mementos of his teenage crush with J. An. is calling off the ebay auction. I'm assuming the last sentence means he was threatened or paid off. Hopefully he didn't profit too much. What an ass.

The Southern California lawyer who made headlines this week for promising to auction off memorabilia of his and Aniston's long-ago supposed summer of puppy love, including the birthday card the future Friends star was said to have improvised on two-ply, has scuttled the sale.

Michael Baroni said he nixed the planned eBay auction, set to launch on Friday, after hearing from Aniston's camp that the actress would rather the items not be put up for bid.

"I have nothing but fond memories of Jennifer as a friend, and only wish her well," Baroni said in an email.

Aniston's publicist did not return a call for comment.

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