September 19, 2005

D-List on Ice: Stars Lace Up For "Skating"; Uncle Joey Blogs (Sort Of)

A handful of has-been celebrities are hoping to heat up their careers by taking to the ice.

Fox has announced the cast of its upcoming reality series Skating with Celebrities, in which six famous folk will be partnered with six stars of the figure skating world to compete for rink supremacy.

Among the contestants lacing up their skates for the series are Dave Coulier (Full House), Todd Bridges (Diff'rent Strokes), Deborah Gibson ("Electric Youth") and Kristy Swanson (Dude, Where's My Car?).

On a related note, former "Full House" star and alleged stand-up comic Dave Coulier has a Live Journal, which means blogging in all its forms is OVER. Although, to be fair, Coulier has a Live Journal which he graced with about six entries several years ago, and promptly abandoned. Except for the fact that he left the guest book open, and it's been populated with increasingly critical and abusive entries ever since. (It's called the "guestbook lock," Dave, and you should really look into it.)

A sampling of the disparaging (and alarmingly encouraging) entries:

"hahahahah uncle joey you werent funny then your not funny now hahahahaah"

"Yeah, I've always wanted to be a stand up comedian, but you know, one WITH TALENT!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Would you people let him move on from Full House...that was YEARS ago. It's 2005. Not 1991. He's a stand-up comedian named Dave Coulier...not Uncle Joey with his hand up a beavers ass."

"Try not to suck. Because you do."

"By the way, never mind all these rude people. They're just hating cuz you were on tv and they can't get there. "

"YOUR AWESOME!!! dont pay any attension to all those stupid insults, your cool, you know it. I bet you most likely dont talk to marykate and ashley, but if you do, let them know that my AWESOME friend Michelle (im on the phone with her!) was named after their charector Michelle! isnt that adorable?? Ok, See ya! ***MARISSA!!!"

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