September 22, 2005

Kate Moss Is Sorry We Found Out She Loves Coke

Please. Rumors about Kate Moss' drug use have been flying around places like England's Popbitch for years and years. It's an assumption, really, isn't it? She's a supermodel. She weighs eight pounds. Of course she does cocaine. She and Naomi Campbell probably have parties where they sit around on big shimmering piles of it, make out with random passersby, and then throw phones at their assistants. It's the natural order of things.

British supermodel Kate Moss broke her silence on Thursday a week after a newspaper alleged she had snorted cocaine, apologising to friends, family and business associates for her behavior.

But her statement made no specific reference to a report in The Mirror tabloid featuring grainy pictures that apparently showed the 31-year-old taking large quantities of cocaine. Moss has previously denied taking hard drugs.

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