September 22, 2005

Madonna and Husband Booed at Film Premiere; All Is Right With The World

Guy Ritchie and his wife Madonna have been booed at the UK premiere of his new film Revolver after making little contact with the crowd.

The couple walked past most of the 2,000 people in London's Leicester Square without signing autographs.

The gangster film's star Jason Statham spent almost an hour meeting fans.

One fan later told the BBC News website that the booing was started by the press when they were unable to take good photos of the couple.

Ritchie hit back at savage reviews, telling reporters: "The critics have been harsh all the way through my career but it doesn't affect me."

I would be so personally gratified if, every once in awhile, when Madge or Guy got wind of negative things said by critics, they actually did pay attention, because often those critics are right. To put it more bluntly, she is a crap actress, and he is a hacky director. You'd think 20 years of effort and 20 years of negative reaction would help her gather a few clues and realize that she can't act for crap and should spend more time making nice pop songs. That she is good at. Of course, she also thinks Kaballah is the path to enlightenment (and not a ridiculous money-grubbing scam), that she is now in a position to "teach people how to live," that she is the author of classic children's literature, and that she's the Duchess of Frigging Cornwall, too.

Let's not forget last year's giant stinkpot of a movie, even by "starring Madonna" standards, "Swept Away":

Directed by Madonna's husband, Guy Ritchie, Swept Away was booed and jeered at a private screening two weeks ago. Since then only select daily newspaper reviewers have been allowed to see it. Otherwise, there have been no screenings for media outlets.

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