September 19, 2005

Tori Spelling's Wedding Guests

TV-schmaltz legacy Tori Spelling and her unfortunate husband have split after one year of marriage. That's a shame, because in Hollywood, if you're committed enough to make your two year anniversary, you get a Nobel Prize.

But what's most interesting about these recent events is the recounting of some of her most notable wedding guests.

It was a lavish ceremony overseen by her father, TV mogul Aaron Spelling, who hosted the wedding at his sprawling estate in the ritzy enclave of Holmby Hills, and attended by some 400 guests, including enough old-timers to make up a Love Boat special: Paul Anka, Jackie Collins, Bob Newhart, Don Rickles, Stefanie Powers, Ed McMahon, Suzanne Pleshette with husband Tom Poston and Motown mastermind Berry Gordy.

With Don Rickles and Paul Anka on hand to bless this union, how could it possibly have failed? Tragic.

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