October 29, 2005

One Light Stand: No, Elyse Sewell Will Not Sleep With You

Model Elyse Sewell (of America's Next Top Model, which I never saw) has a very interesting and funny blog about her life as a gorgeous human clotheshanger in Hong Kong. From what I hear, she was a pre-med student who took a detour into modeling. That she's bright is obvious from her clever, self-aware posts. That she's lovely speaks for itself.

The funniest post so far: one about a clueless dork who hits on her in a hotel while she waited for a work-related appointment. He was eager to flirt but the language barrier proved a little difficult. She finally got tired of trying to understand his speech and asked him to write down whatever it was he was trying to communicate. He did. The results:

From Elyse's account:
He hunched over into the universal Don't Copy Off My Homework Fartknocker posture and busied himself writing, like, forever.

Sonnet-writing forever. Feeling awkward but not quite yet willing to get testy and snatch back my diary, I took out my camera and took a picture of him as he paused to count his iambs.

Good thing I did. Now you can congratulate him if you ever see him on the street. Because this is what he finally handed back to me.

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