November 8, 2005

Unique Phrases From Bella's Blog?

I'd like to think that, occasionally, my mind produces a unique turn of phrase. I'm sure I slather cliches across the blogiverse as much as anyone else most of the time, but it would please me to know that here and there I create a new combination of words or ideas.

Here's a phrase I can (in a Google-y sort of way) verify is my own, from an entry bemoaning the proposed funding cuts and termination of NASA's Voyager project. (As a friend pointed out, I rarely write about personal events of an emotional nature, and when I do, I spin them into metaphorical wanks of a depersonalized nature, but once I start waxing on about spacecraft and geeky interests, it's passion, passion, passion.)

The phrase? "Born mechanical witness." For whatever that's worth.

Your search - "born mechanical witness" - did not match any documents.

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