December 2, 2005

Emily the Stowaway Cat Flown From France Home to Wisconsin

Some unearthly statistical anomaly has ensured that the three times my brother A. has deigned to click on my blog, entries about my "boring cat" have been at the top. (That's three entries out of almost 400, by the way.) At the risk of scaring him off forever, I have to mention the story of curious Emily, who took an unintended transatlantic flight without food or water, and lived to tell the tale. (And yes, she looks just like one of my cats, who I will mention no further. Even though she's adorable. And cute. And stripey.) From the AP:
Emily the cat is back — after flying home in the lap of luxury. The curious cat who wound up traveling to France in a cargo container touched down at the Milwaukee airport on Thursday, greeted by her family and a horde of reporters.

A Continental cargo agent handed her over to 9-year-old Nick Herndon, son of the cat's owners, Donny and Lesley McElhiney. Emily meowed and pawed at reporters' microphones as the family answered questions.

"She'll be held onto a lot all the way home. And then when we get home, too, she'll be cuddled a lot," Donny McElhiney said.

Her sumptuous return in business class on a Continental Airlines flight was a sharp departure from her trip to France, where she was found thin and thirsty but still alive.

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