December 15, 2005

It Was As If Their Very Souls Had Frozen

Remember not long ago, when I blogged about how much I like a chilly gust of air in my sleeping room at night?

The novelty may have worn off.

We're getting 3-5 more inches of snow tonight. Also, about three o'clock this morning, my heater started making loud knocking noises every 3-5 seconds. Like someone banging on an iron pipe with a hammer. It stopped at six a.m., when I woke up. Not because I fixed something, or adjusted something. Presumably, just because I woke up.

It's starting to get dire around here. Maybe it's time for me to finally put up a post about my unerringly polite e-mail campaign against racist, hate websites several years ago, during an Indiana blizzard that kept me homebound and stir-crazy for quite some time. Watch this space.

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