December 26, 2005

Jean-Paul Sartre: Physically Repulsive, Yet Sexually Irresistable

Mon dieu! This one is a mystery for the ages. Googley-eyed, stinky, "mossy" mouthed, short...and had to beat pretty girls back with a large French stick.

Philosophers are supposed to see the world with clear eyes; with clear philosophical eyes, we can note that Sartre was a troll. He was five feet tall. Neither handsome nor dashing, nearly blind in one eye, and scornful of even the most basic conventions of bourgeois dental hygiene (mossy is a word that comes easily to mind). And yet he got girls like he was in the Beatles.

(Source: the Village Voice)

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Anonymous said...

So what are you trying to say. It's a fact: men nearly always go after the prettiest girls or women, but women don't go for men just because they look good, they also go for personality and brains. Look at the number of beautiful women dating men who look like total dorks.