January 14, 2006

Bella Is Not Sophisticated (Whorey, Materialistic) Enough To Live in NYC

The New York Post reports of the phenomenon of women who proudly call themselves "dinner whores." Charming.
"The concept of dating has changed," says 26-year-old blond bombshell Brooke Parkhurst, who estimates over the course of her 200-plus dinner-whore encounters she has run up combined tabs of $30,000 in New York and beyond. "Women used to feel like something had to be given in exchange, whereas now I'm perfectly confident that my company is enough.
Brooke (pictured above making the "Oh, goodness me, no, I'm much too dainty and high-class to touch the check and actually buy my own Boneless Quail Saltimbocca, and Moroccan Spice Maple Leaf Breast and Duck Leg Confit. Would you please take me to Tiffany's for dessert?" hand gesture) went on to say:
"Men are always saying, 'It's just sex.' Well, this is just dinner. I don't feel sorry for them."
Ah. What an enchanting buttercup. Brooke is both stupid and shallow. A winning combination. Garcon! Some pie for the lady's face!
(Source: NYP)

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Suzanne said...

I tried to, but couldn't have said it better myself!