January 9, 2006

Cow Escapes Meat Plant, Dodges Cars, Train

The latest update is that they're going to let her live. The workers at the plant voted 10-1 that they didn't have the heart to slaughter her themselves. I think she's proven her will to survive, at this point. Some cows are too lazy and dull to even try to escape from a perilous situation. We have an old family story about a burning barn and several cows who stood in front of the open barn door, and rather than making a break for it, stood there and burned to death instead.

Free Bessie! Bless her dumb, sweet little bovine heart.
A cow that escaped a slaughterhouse dodged vehicles, ran in front of a train, braved the icy Missouri River and took three tranquilizer darts before being recaptured six hours later. News of the heifer's adventures prompted a number of people to offer to buy the animal.
(Source: AP/Yahoo)

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