February 4, 2006

Didn't I Say This Would Happen? Oprah Fries Frey

Early on in this "James Frey is a lying, self-aggrandizing, bombastic turd" controversy, I joked that Frey's worst transgression was lying to Oprah, who would surely then have him whacked. Bear ye false witness to The Oprah? You might as well lie to Al Capone.

Then there was the "it's the emotional truth of the story that matters" Oprah response, which prompted friends to find fault with my predictive powers of PR spin. I held my breath. I stayed home from work, waiting eagerly by the TV. (Okay, not really.) But then!
On Thursday, Winfrey had changed her tune, telling Frey she felt he "betrayed millions of readers" with his lies and that she regretted calling into King's show to express her support, especially after receiving harsh criticism from viewers disenchanted by her dismissive attitude toward Frey's fabrications.
(Source: Eonline/Yahoo)

Please, hold your applause. And check back here the next time some wanker tries to pull some PR switcheroo on us. I'll be your oracle.

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