February 2, 2006

Incidentally, Patti LuPone Kicks Madonna's Ass

This Gawker Stalker entry reminded me of a conversation that took place between some acquaintances on a pop culture message board that I frequent:
This might be a tad obscure but any aficionados of warm, family TV will remember the peppy, life-affirming family show “Life Goes On,” starring the differently-abled Chris Burke. Well, boyfriend isn’t getting much in the way of residuals, I guess, cause I spotted him aboard the cross-town Houston Street bus last night. Still, he looked put together—a nice, pressed suit and styled hair.
Someone on the message board mentioned having seen Patti LuPone somewhere, and having the urge to yell "Don't cry for me, Argentina!" at her, and then admonishing themselves with something like "I'm such an idiot." Another person responded with "Don't feel bad. I'm pretty sure I would have yelled 'CORKY SUCKS!'"

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