February 10, 2006

Star Trek Fan Files For Bankruptcy, Bought Too Much Star Trek Stuff

Did you see Trekkies 2? Of course not, because you're not a dork. But I did! (Infer what you will there.) It featured an English man named Tony Alleyne, who wanted to convert his studio apartment into a replica of the Federation Starship Voyager.
The home has moulded walls, touch-panel blue lighting, a life-size model of the shows transporter room and a command console.

The former DJ also reshaped his windows to look like portholes and set up vertical lights so he can pretend to be beamed up, just like the shows characters Captain James T Kirk and Spock.

He seemed to be working through some divorce and emotional abandonment issues at the time. Also, he was creepy. And now he's claiming debts of almost $400,000, a small price to pay for living in a spaceship and not missing your wife ONE LITTLE BIT!

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