March 28, 2006

Barron Hilton's MySpace

The actual, verifiable MySpace of Barron Hilton, the boy version of his older sister Paris Hilton. I have a feeling this kid's just getting warmed up. (That's him on the left, smoking a cigarette estimated to be worth $254 million dollars.) And if you were bored, you could click through the kids on his friends list to get a peek into the psyches of the hot new generation of dull, useless, rich idiots.

From Barron's friend "Big Bird":
I am the person who walks down the hall saying hi to everyone even if they i do not know them well. I am the one who is smiling and trying to make other peolpe smile to! :)
That's nothing if not a cry for help.

Oh, wait, there's more from "Big Bird," proving that the rich are different from me and you. They're stupid. Observe:
There are alot of good places to party in the world clubs, bars, houses, beachs, and even outside in places you like to hang out. But where is ypur favortie place to hang out because everone is different and if we share our favorite places. We could come up with more places to party or even a better place to party. So, what i want to know is where is the best place to have a party. I think that the best place to have a party is where you feel comfortable and a place where you can have fun and you just can talk and hang out with your friends. Because you know when your friends say when are we going to do this again or do you want to do this again tomorrow or another time, you know that you found or put on a grate party. So, tell people when you put on a party or tell people some good places to have a party because then you will know that it will be a good party and that means the everyone will have a good time and share the good times and good places to have a grate party!!!!!

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