March 30, 2006

Sartre, Nin, and Scrabble-ocity

Last night's family and friends Scrabble game began with me drawing the exact tiles to spell out "Sartre" and "Nin," which freaked me out a little bit, until I remembered we weren't playing with a Ouija Board, and there was no spiritual foreboding involved in whatever was eventually spelled out.

I hope I didn't spoil the game for the main enthusiast by playing lazily, going for words like "cat" and "go." The most ambitious move I made was spelling "gamut," and then adding an "s" on the end of "sumo." My long tiring day and beer with dinner made me less than energetic and competitive, and besides, I pretty much always lose to the tri-lingual Cuban physicist who always initiates the game. Enjoy your dozens and dozens of points, R.! Mwah.

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