April 6, 2006

Sharon Stone's Rider For Basic Instinct 2

If a bad actress demands this much crap for a bad movie, does this mean Meryl Streep should get the Hope Diamond? I think so.

The Smoking Gun comes through again, with Sharon Stone's rider for Basic Instinct 2. Critics are deriding the movie as a horrible howler, and yet La Stone demands, among other things:

$3500 a day unaccountable per diem.

Three nannies, paid $1500 a week each.

24 hour a day armed guard.

"Absolutely no use of name in connection with alcohol, tobacco, firearms, or feminine hygiene products." (Is that a new government department? The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Feminine Hygiene Products?)

Not to mention the right to keep her wardrobe, approval of the caterer, top billing, nudity at her discretion only, and first class travel and lodging for 15 to the movie's premiere. Geez. This chick knows how to play the diva card, doesn't she?

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