May 26, 2006

I Stand Corrected - Girls Are Dirty, Too

Recently I speculated that growing up in a houseful of smart-alecky older brothers was probably perfect training for becoming a comedy writer, what with the familiarity with (if not shared fondness for) every dumb dirty joke ever told.

After last week's lunch with people from my Second City writing class, however, I realize that girls of the comedy persuasion are just as willing to discuss the undiscussable as the boys are. Last week's hangout after class had a three girl to one boy ratio, and the conversation was unimaginably dirty (and hilarious). Somehow, so much more is possible when the girls give the go-ahead for the speculatively filthy discussion. My mom would be so proud.

Also, unrelated to the prurient nature of our conversation, we saw actor David Pasquesi (pictured at left) at lunch. Pasquesi is best known to me as Stew the Meat Delivery Man from "Strangers with Candy." He is also now well known to me as "That Guy Who Should Be Cast As Adrien Brody's Brother."

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