May 16, 2006

It's Important To Read Past The Jump

One thing I like about my new blog home and host, Typepad, is the ability to make the extended summary posts, where I can write two or three sentences and spare the reader the rest unless they choose to click on the "continue reading (title)" link at the bottom of the post.

Yesterday's post was kind of a playful use of this feature. Namely, I tucked some important information in the hidden part of a post that looked like it was a boring exploration of a clothing issue.

Anyway, straight up, readers: this blog is evolving, and becoming something new. There will be fewer posts from yours truly here over the next month or so as I focus my time and energy on learning some new technology and entering an exciting new creative venture. When the time is right I will make a big horn-tooting announcement and provide a link to a new place where you can enjoy all the things you like about this blog, plus extra shiny and entertaining features. In the meantime, please forgive the lack of usual frequent posting. It will totally be worth it, honest to peas.

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