May 30, 2006

Our Universe A "Child of Previous One"

UniverseAn alternative theory of cosmological evolution posits that we are living in a universe that is very similar to, but not a replica of, one that has been blown apart and reassembled by heavenly forces again and again. In other words, there wasn't just one big bang, there is a series of them, and we are reassembled bits of things that have been united in countless combinations before. Cool.

But I swear that years ago, when I first started reading about this stuff, and obsessively watching Cosmos, this point came across to me from all the info I was gathering. Maybe I took principles about the life cycles (and re-cycles) of the stars and extrapolated them inappropriately without realizing it.

I may have made an intuitive assumption that the current theories didn't actually spell out this conclusion, but which was accurate nonetheless. At any rate, I've been operating on this assumption for some time now. 'Bout time those at slackers at Princeton and Cambridge caught up with my theories.

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