May 23, 2006


I'm going through brand after brand of facial sunscreen, the point of which is to protect your skin, and prevent you from getting red, burny patches all over your face.

Unless you're me, and even extra-gentle super-purified hypo-allergenic sunscreen stings your face and gives you, yes -  red, burny patches all over your face. Oil of Olay? Stings like hell. Neutrogena? Hurts. Almay? OUCH RED BURN OUCH.

I can't do without. My Dad has a much darker complexion than I do but has had several pieces of bad skin seared off by a patient dermatologist because he's too stubborn to smear on the zinc. And my uber-blonde sister? Ditto. That's not gonna happen to me.

I used to rely on good old-fashioned Big Stupid Sunhats (TM) but those are no good while I'm biking, because I have to wear my dork helmet. Poor me. What to do?

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