May 20, 2006


Yesterday a friend was on a flight from NYC to Chicago with Wentworth Miller.

Sorry, I should use his full name so you know who I'm talking about. Wentworth "Hottie Hot Hot" Miller.

Also yesterday, I was interviewed on camera for another friend's project. I've never been on camera before. A few things I noticed while looking back at the raw footage:

#1. My face and neck get very pink when I am self-conscious. Very, very pink.

#2. I have a giant, shiny, white forehead. I should really think about cutting my long bangs back so no one is tempted to rent out my forehead as a billboard or movie screen.

Pink_blush#3. I giggle a lot when I'm nervous, causing much more work for the poor editor. Very professional.

#4. The giggling me is infinitely more interesting to watch than the serious, overthinking-the-answers me.

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