June 21, 2006

Chicago Comedy Underground

Sugar_powdered_donutsLast night I met K-Rock and associates for my first show at Gunther Murphy's, where the Chicago Comedy Underground folks get their laugh on every Tuesday night. My Second City pal Leigh joined us, too, despite that fact that I called her at the very last second. (Although first there was a meeting for dinner, at which Leigh and I sat there chatting, snacking, imbibing and laughing for up to a half hour before realizing that K-Rock was sitting a few tables away, wondering where the hell we were.)

Present were K-Rock's oft-mentioned partner in crime Angel, as well as Origami_yoda_1performers including at least one Spitfire (I didn't get a chance to meet everyone), and a Blerd or two. (Sugar Powdered Donuts...yeeeeyah.)

Alison Leber was host, and performers included Bradley "do you like origami?" Fojas, Tim "stop being so judgmental" Joyce, Mike "Mike" Bridenstine and Mike "the other Mike" Holmes, Tony "recently published an honest-to-god microbiology paper in Nature" Sam, and Andy "now that I'm tan, if I shave my beard, I'll look like I drank milk out of a barrel" Ross. Fun was had by all.

Oh, and the origami Yoda is for Bradley, who can maybe hope to achieve something similarly complex after he masters the "smashed rock."

Dream big crazy dreams, kids.

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