June 16, 2006

Five Drink Minimum...Stay Tuned For Further Developments

Please say hello to K-Rock and her Chicago standup blog, Five Drink Minimum.

She is affiliated with the cool crowd at Chicago Underground Comedy (those front page photos are her handiwork), the Blerd boys (check out the videos, seriously) and the folks at the Lincoln Lodge, and has organized some of Chicago's finest female comedians into the "broad squad" of the Spitfire, which will launch its first show June 29 at T's Bar, at 5025 N. Clark Street.

K-Rock and I met tonight for the first time over dinner at the Heartland Cafe, where we enjoyed gigantomous burritos, grilled soy cheese sandwiches, and a wide-ranging array of topics including why comedy isn't taken as seriously as other art forms (but should be), why biking is a preferable but challenging mode of urban transportation, what constitutes a typical oldest child, how unbelievable it can seem that comedy can be a viable career choice, and whether I've been mispronouncing "Apiary" all this time.

Also, she is totally awesome, and she and I will be introducing Chicago to an effing fantastic new comedy web publication in a very short period of time. Stay tuned.

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