June 29, 2006

Links, Links, Links

The official Twinkie Cookbook. Because what the world needs now is a Twinkie burrito.

Not lions, not tigers, but, yes, bears. Bears in someone's home. Again.

Prankster's sneaker snuffs Albany's eternal flame. Maybe they should call it the "mostly eternal flame."

Man pulls Van Gogh, sends girlfriend his finger in the mail, saying "This is my last chance to touch you." Hot! Sexy! I mean, totally effing crazy.

Iowans freak out over...clouds.

Excellent reason to break up with your boyfriend: he entices you to help rob the bank where he is manager, you both get nabbed. Prison will probably prove very unromantic.

World Cup advertisers seem not to notice that women are watching, too, miss millions in marketing opportunities. Duh. (Even more annoying/dumb, many of the ads targeted at them assume "poor things, your men are ignoring you to watch a little ball" stance.)

America's global popularity in decline. Again, duh.

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