June 18, 2006

Links: The Short List

Jack_the_cat_chases_a_bear_up_a_treeJack the cat (pictured at left) chases a black bear cub up a tree in his backyard. Twice.

The Smithsonian National Zoological Park's Tiger Cub Cam. Awww.

"Sexed" robots chase each other around a room trying to fit Tab A into Slot B. Probably nicely paired with one of those "Captain Janeway and Seven of Nine Express Their Unrequited Love" videos I made fun of several weeks ago.

Jean Claude Van Damme dances. He probably should stick to that "splits on the kitchen counter" move.

Pink dolphins? Maybe. Maybe not.

Do you drive a Hummer? Everyone hates you.

An airport hangar is turned into the world's largest camera.

Colonial revenge: the sun never sets on Rover's broad backside. Australian and British pets are getting as fat as American pets. Take that, imperialists!

Yet another attempted explanation of the age-old question "What is a Hoosier?" How great is it that it was a Cuban friend's brother (who lives in Madrid) who passed this link along?

Bravo's "My Life on the D-List"  Kathy Griffin
eBay'd a weekend with herself for a $5000, and got a whiny dud bid-winning houseguest. He couldn't be bothered to act gracious about
anything, scrounged through her closet looking for an iPod to take
home, and she blogged the whole thing.

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