June 6, 2006

Pecorino Anzenberger

A recent issue of Smithsonian Magazine features the story of Pecorino, a Tuscan-born mutt and companion of Viennese photographer Toni Anzenberger. Pecorino, whose presence in Anzenberger's photos was once an unwanted annoyance, is now the undisputed star of a collection of photos from around the world. Anzenberger waits sometimes months to get clearance for Pecorino to travel with him to various countries, and claims that the pup, though open to direction, usually chooses his own poses. He's a charmer, that's for sure.

Anzenberger bred Pecorino with a dog who bore a striking physical resemblance, and though several of the resulting pups are almost Pecorino_3lookalikes, none of them have the poise and charisma that Pecorino shows in front of the camera.

Right after reading the article, I found this post from overheardintheoffice.com:

June 05, 2006

Waitress #1: The chicken is layered with proscuitto, sage, and pecorino cheese...
(Customer snickers.)
Pecorino_1Waitress #1: What's so funny?
Customer: It's just... the cheese! [snickers again]
Waitress #1 to waitress #2: What is funny about pecorino cheese?
Waitress # 2: You said "pecker."

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