June 9, 2006

Prince Albert Is Fruitful, Multiplies With Several Women

About a year ago I wrote about the revelation of the love child of Monaco's Prince Albert (see "Coffee, Tea, Illegitimate Heir?"), born to a flight attendant from Togo.

Now, another one. This one, a girl, in California. Jazmin Grace Grimaldi is, by all accounts, a nice girl living a quiet life as a student at St. Margaret's Episcopal School. Her mother, a former model and waitress, met Prince Albert while vacationing in the Côte d'Azur in 1991.

Is this going to become a yearly tradition? Maybe next year's babymama will be Spanish, or Australian, just to keep things fresh and interesting.

Once again, I marvel that Albert, seemingly the most milquetoast and bland member of a family that includes women who marry circus performers, sleep with Rob Lowe, and have affairs with household staff, manages to outdo all of them in the area of sexual escapades.

And since we're on the topic, let's bask in the unbelievable good-lookingness of his niece Charlotte Casiraghi, and his nephew
Andrea Casiraghi, children of his sister Princess Caroline. Holy cow. That's a lot of pretty.

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