June 5, 2006

Small Gratitudes ('Cause I'm Already Good At Bitching)

Little things that have made me happy lately:

The sound of seagulls drifting into my home in the mornings, reminding me before I even open my eyes that I live by the beach.

2. Having an opportunity open up that allows me to spend half of my work week behind a quiet desk, answering the phone about once every two hours, and using all the rest of the time to work on my own little projects on my laptop.

Developing a supportively creative relationship with someone I adore to the point that we can kill time in a mall parking lot, riffing on ideas for satirical commercials for fake products, laughing until we nearly fall over and/or pee ourselves.

4. Becoming more comfortable with my creative self, and less self-conscious, to the point where I can do things like #3, realize that people getting in and out of their cars are watching us like we're crazy, and not care one little bit.

5. Seeing the kids in my life get through difficulties, grow up happy, reach big milestones, and become really cool pre-adults.

6. Listening to over ten years' worth of free episodes of This American Life all day long.

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