July 7, 2006


This kind of crap happened to me with the phone call I made to cancel AOL after I got DSL. I told them I'd upgraded to something faster and they kept saying "Okay, I'm going to go ahead and sign you up for our lower rate package without the dialup service but with all the protection you need against viruses and blah blah blah..." when what I was saying that "I want to cancel my account." And I think they're full of crap when they say this incident was uncalled for and unusual. They obviously train their phone reps to be pushy and intimidating. Up yours, AOL.

Maybe this video plus the "Comcast technician sleeps on customer's couch" video will make people realize that videoblogging can do more than just spread bad teenage karaoke around the world, it can galvanize public opinion and influence monolithic corporate entities.

And, maybe a consumer advocacy websites like this one can eventually effect changes in customer service and corporate policies.

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