July 5, 2006

Boy Tapas

Just for the record, should a new phrase soon enter your vernacular and become the next "totally awesome," Saturday while chatting with girlfriends about dating situations and summer flings and flirtations, I initiated use of the phrase "boy tapas." One friend was saying "I guess this is the summer of short-lived romantic experiences, one boy after another."

The night before she had laughed at me for still not being clear on the difference between tapas and tilapia (I think I have it now, I swear. Tilapia = fish, tapas = lots of little hors d'oeuvres thingees).

Exercising my new mastery of the concept of tapas, I said, "Oh, yeah! It's the summer of boy tapas! Some of this, some of that, just a little bite of that one..."

Another friend lives in NYC and is soon to move to New Zealand, and we joked that this could become one of those verbal viruses that spreads from one private conversation to another in an exponential fashion until everyone is saying it, but no one knows where it comes from. So if New Yorkers and New Zealanders start making use of this fun phrase within a few weeks, I SAID IT FIRST. Just so you know.

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