July 4, 2006

The Hits Just Keep on Coming - a Geographical Breakdown

Isabella_rossa_google_search_1Even though I made it quite clear that I am not, you, know, that other person with a name similar to mine, people keep coming here looking for an adult film star. Just for fun, a little tally. My latest visitors looking for her are from many lovely, lonely, horny places around the globe:

Ljubljana, Slovenia
Haukipudas, Finland
Horstermeer, Holland
Montegrotto Terme, Italy
Walferdange, Luxembourg
Tackesdorf, Germany
Felling, England

Geez, several dudes even found their way here through the link that explicitly says I AM NOT HER. And they stay for ten or fifteen minutes, clicking their way through 6 or 7 pages. Why?? You didn't find what you were looking for, but you'll stick around for some of my attempts at comedy? "Hey, no boobies here, but darn, this girl has some lovely prose."

What's with these people? And how is it that someone's preferences are so particular that they google a specific adult film star? People who probably don't care what brand of shampoo they use or know what brand of tires are on their car need to see XXX action by one particular person?

Once again I am reminded that there is so much about men I don't want to know.

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