July 28, 2006

Smoking Gun Exposes Lohan's Partying Ways

Lindsay_blowing_a_kissMy (and probably your) suspicions are confirmed! "Heat exhaustion" = "partying all night long."

Morgan Creek bigwig producer James G. Robinson sent a pissy letter to Lindsay Lohan two days ago ordering her to quit acting like a spoiled idiotic party girl and do her job.

The Smoking Gun comes through again. According to the leaked letter:

Lohan "acted like a spoiled child and in doing so (has) alienated many of (her) co-workers and endangered the quality" of her latest movie, and Mr. Robinson is "well aware that (her) ongoing all night heavy partying is the real reason for (her) so called 'exhaustion.'" Lohan will be held "personally accountable" for losses related to her unprofessionalism. Snap!

Bonus link: Spirit Fingers' photo retrospective of Lindsay's "Now I am blowing kisses at the camera" phase. The dresses change, the hair color changes, the gesture...is the same.

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