July 3, 2006

The Spitfire Girls Light It Up

Oh, yeah! K-Rock and her comedy flock put their first showcase onstage at the T Bar last Thursday. K may not realize it yet, but she is now a full-fledged comedy producer and promoter. I hereby predict that she will be Chicago's version of something like Bill Graham crossed with Mitzi Shore in short order. (Well, you know, without Graham's sometimes difficult personality, and Shore's nearly unbearable son Pauly.) I guess what I'm saying is that K is a sort of organizer/booster/cheerleader/mastermind type.

Anyway, back to the Spitfire show. Eight "broads" had five minutes each, and the crowd ate it up. Hot guys wearing fireman hats strutted around offering "spitfire shots," which looked like red jet fuel jello festooned with red licorice. The girls included Hannah Gansen, Joselyn Hughes, Fay Canale, Hattie Snider, Kara Buller, Becky Garcia, Renee Gauthier, and Allison Leber, most of whom were sporting some piece of red clothing. Red = fire, get it? (It actually took me awhile. I'm not a very visually oriented person. I'm all about words.) And yes, that's a picture from their site. That's K and all 8 of the comics. My pictures ended up sorta crummy looking.

The show had a really great DIY, "Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves" feel to it, with the comics themselves running around and doing setup, and lots of kind people donating their skills and materials and services to put buttons on shirts, logo'd CD's on tables, prizes up for raffle, and spiffy signage up all over the place. Oh, and "Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves" was included in the carefully chosen music mix, which also included some vintage sassy Janet Jackson, the Laverne and Shirley theme song, some classic Spice Girls girl power ditties, and my personal theme song since moving to Chicago, the Mary Tyler Moore theme song ("you're gonna make it after all!").

It was a lot of fun and Chicago comedy fans should keep tabs on the Spitfire girls and make the next show. Should I mention that I think a Spitfire show would be a perfect first date? Nothing loosens up two nervous daters like cute girls telling dirty jokes. Well, that and the shots.

Red_hot_drink_1Special note, I did shoot some video and was hoping to put together a zippy little montage of a joke from each performer, but my camera is of such poor quality that the sound was terrible and tinny, and the dim lighting made for very fuzzy vids. Sorry, readers, I really wanted you to hear the audience's responses, and the nice give-and-take that was going on in the room. When I get a better quality camera - actual video camera, not a still camera that takes only 30 seconds of vid at a time - I'll be putting stuff up online in nicely edited blurbs!

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