July 26, 2006

Squee! One Of My Interviewees Namechecked on Bravo

I'm watching "Work Out," on Bravo, and Beverly Hills trainer Jackie is being presented a gift from her girlfriend Mimi. It's a piece of art. A portrait. Mimi says "Cojo is working on it."

It's Cojo, who I interviewed a few weeks back on my "Interviews With Bloggers" project. Yay! I realized once I got down to interviewing him that he was much more well-known than I first understood. I know now that he's popular among the cool crowd for his portrait work, among other things.

Cojo_art_sucks_1When I first linked to him, I just thought his work was cool-looking. What do I know about art, or the art world? Now I kind of can't believe he talked to me. Anyway, awesome.

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