August 1, 2006

Another Big Comedy Interview

I can't believe the luck my friend Kristy and I are having with The Bastion. Yesterday I e-mailed brilliant New York comedian Eugene Mirman to see if he'd answer a few quickie questions about his performance at the Pitchfork Festival, in Chicago last Friday,
and he gave me what ended up being a full-on interview. Awoo!!

My favorite part of what he said: "When I first got to New York, agents and managers mostly saw me as a
TV writer and wanted to submit me for television sketch writing jobs,
and though I didn't mind submitting and wanted a job, I also wanted to
do standup, voiceovers, acting, directing, etc. But it was hard to get
people to work hard to submit me for that stuff, because they didn't
really see me that way.

"So I got much of what I wanted on my own. I made my own movies, started a weekly show, began putting out records
and working on a book. I don't like the idea of waiting around for
something to happen. I think people should just make things and try to
get it out there. And if along the way you can tease jocks and make sex
jokes for money, great."

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