August 21, 2006

Blue Angels From Lake Point Tower

An uppermost floor of Lake Point Tower (right by Navy Pier) is a pretty great place to watch the Chicago Air and Water Show, as I know now, having spent part of Sunday afternoon there with family, watching the Blue Angels scream across the sky with
stunning aerial precision.

I zoomed up the elevator almost to the top of the schmancy residential building to hang, munch on some Jimmy John's, and enjoy a spectacular view of the lake and the aerial show. (Did you know you can actually see Michigan across the lake? I didn't. Now I've seen it for myself. It's pretty fantastic.)

Blue_angels_1It was a little jarring to be listening to a radio broadcast that described the happenings while actually watching them occur (not to mention being taken by surprise several times as the F-18's snuck around the sides and top of the building and skipped right in front of our eyes).

The radio broadcast told us that over a million people were there to gawk and enjoy the beautiful weather, which doesn't surprise me a bit, considering that I had to hop off the bike trail and detour through city streets on the way there and back to avoid the thick and slow-moving crowds, and make actual progress on my journey to and from my neighborhood. At any rate, it was a pretty great afternoon.

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