August 2, 2006

Embarrassing News from Back Home

A dude I knew from my hometown of Zionsville is now a soda-stealing (and fired) firefighter.

"Fisher, who earned about $43,000 annually, was accused of four charges
related to performance, including neglect of duty, conduct unbecoming
an officer and violation of general rules like theft. Other
issues included: failure to report for duty, failure to obtain credits
for paramedic affiliation, and failure to document important patient
care information. Also, a patient, (a) patient's family members and
a bystander made five separate complaints regarding rude and
unprofessional behavior in a four-week period last summer."

Also, a bunch of bored housewives one town over have nothing better to do than stand on the street with a radar gun and a clipboard, trying to catch suburban speeders.

"She could be home preparing dinner or planting flowers, but Ruth Stahly is spending the afternoon clocking speeders."

Puke. First of all, is this 1952? Not to mention these chicks could also be volunteering at an AIDS crisis center, or organizing a clothing drive for a homeless shelter, or doing something, you know, useful.

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