August 29, 2006

Let a Dude Hug You For 20 Seconds, And You'll Trust Him

Recent studies uncover some very interesting specific differences between the brains of men and women.

"Women have an eight-lane superhighway for processing emotion, while men have a small country road... (men) have O'Hare Airport as a hub for processing thoughts about sex, where women have the airfield nearby that lands small and private planes."

Also, girls, be careful which guys you let hug you, because 20 seconds into a hug, our brains release oxytocin, which triggers the brain's trust circuits and creates a bond between huggers.

This makes me wonder about that "I'm grabbing you aggressively, and I'm smacking your back while I'm hugging you" hug that guys give each other some time. Are they trying to do the "I'm totally not gay" hug, or are they warming up for the "I'm going to trick you into trusting me" hugs on chicks? Hmmm.

(Via SF Gate)

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