August 10, 2006

Office Workers Waste About 2 Hours a Day

From the Sun-Times: "A new survey by and America Online found the average U.S. worker fritters away 1.86 hours per 8-hour workday -- not including lunch and scheduled breaks."

Interesting that the survey was conducted by AOL, because also this week, AOL published a history of search queries of over 650,000 of their members. They yanked it once people cried "privacy violation," but of course it was cached online. What a fun way to discover how people are wasting their time online! And how disturbing. From CNET, excerpts from one user's searches:

"university of kentucky football
hold'em poker school
ways to kill yourself
suicide by natural gas
how to kill oneself by natural gas
assisted suicide
suicide by overdosing
how long does carbon monoxide poisoning take to kill a person
over dose ways to commit suicide
university of kentucky 2007 football recruits
texas hold'em poker on line seminars
employment needed- louisville ky"

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