September 12, 2006

My New Camera Phone and "Legs Not Butt"

Legs_not_buttI've been having fun recently with the camera feature on my new cell phone. I took this snap of a part of my body and sent it to a friend, who immediately text messaged me back to protest me sending him "obscene" pictures.

I knew full well that he would think it was a butt, not because I'm likely to photograph and share my backside, but because he is. I was very pleased to tersely text back and tell him it was actually a modest picture of my legs, and he was a pervy jerk for assuming anything else.

Isn't it nice that scientists and engineers have toiled entire lifetimes in obscure, underfunded, poorly lit laboratories the world over, so people could live free of disease, enjoy instant communication, and traverse the globe in shiny airplanes? And also, so people like me could spend an hour framing and capturing a perfect photo of what is now labeled on my cell phone picture gallery as "Legs Not Butt."

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