March 7, 2007

...After These Messages

I'm going to be offline for a bit. After one of the best nights of my family's life (my brother was art director for the $10 million fundraising event at McCormick Place for Chicago's 2016 Olympic bid), we had one of our worst days. My parents came into town to beam proudly at a table of honor at the fundraising dinner, which was a spectacular success, and we had a health crisis with my mom that next morning.

I'm not going to write about this publicly - she is okay (and going to be fine) but it's been very scary and stressful. I moved into her room at a local hospital to take care of her almost 24 hours a day. Please think positive thoughts about my mama, who I love very very much. (Yes, this mama, who took amazing care of me for three whole weeks when I had health issues recently.) I'll be back. Thanks.

(March 11 - Update - Mom is now fine and safely back home in Indiana. Thanks for everyone's comments, e-mails and well-wishes.)


Dale said...

Good thoughts Bella, hope all goes well.

Chancelucky said...

best wishes for your health and happiness for your family and you.